Your Accuser Lies

Don’t let the father of lies to pressure you into defeat. Shine God’s light and his shadowy world of lies will recede. “The truth,” Jesus promised, “will set you free.”

About your failures in the past? God doesn’t condemn you over these, He forgives you and restores you.  But your accuser? He has detailed records with which he will beat you over and over if you let him. If you resist the devil, he will flee. So at every accusation, give thanks to God for His abundant mercy and His satisfaction with you in Christ.

About things you are told you need—money, position, luck, a chance to (your specifics), degrees, etc.? These are delaying and misdirection tactics. God has already provided everything you need. List each item Satan tells you must have. Then cross each one out. No, you don’t need these at all to obey God and follow Him right now in whatever He is asking you to do.
About your incapabilities—Satan will whisper over and over things such as: you never do it right, you always lose interest or follow through, you always screw it up, you always give in to temptation? List each of these as well. And then turn the lies into truths. Did Satan say, “You never do it right?” Write, instead, “I have Christ living within me. He always does it right through me.” Satan does not want you to realize these truths about yourself. Christ in you is His sufficient grace!
Consider Satan hates you, accuses you and tells you nothing but lies. Strike out every accusation. Turn the lies around to reveal the truth “I can’t or I always becomes I can and I have overcome.” Stand with Christ and his lie that “Before I can I need…” becomes “I have everything I need.”

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