Helpful Growth Resources

Listing your group:

(Join Meetup and make a group so others can find you)
(Join NextDoor and make a group/interact with neighbors online)

Potential support resources:

Helpful Reading Resources

Mega Church and House Church Compared

Bill Dillon – God’s Work in God’s Way

Del Birkey – The House Church

Francis Chan – Letters to the Church

Frank Viola – Reimagining Church / Finding Organic Church

Gene Edwards – The Early Church

Gene Getz – Sharpening the Focus of the Church / Building Up One Another

Howard Snyder – The Problem of Wineskins

James Rutz – The Open Church

Kokichi Kurosaki – Let’s Return to Christian Unity

Larry Crabb – Connecting / Safest Place on Earth / Becoming a True Spiritual Community

Larry Kreider – House Church Networks

Milt Rodriguez – The Priesthood of All Believers

Nate Krupp – God’s Simple Plan for His Church

Ray Stedman – Body Life

Renee Smith – Leaving My Megachurch Life

Robert Banks – Paul’s Idea of Community / The Church Comes Home

Roland Allen – Missionary Methods  / The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church

Steve Atkerson – House Church Theology

Watchman Nee – Body of Christ: A Reality

Wolfgang Simson – The House Church Book