Tract Resources

Good conversation starters:

Illusions tract Heaven’s Gate tract
appointment reminder

(I use this tract on cars in parking lots, inserting it into the rubber seal at the bottom of the drivers window, or else under the drivers side wiper arm)

Good Person tract Appointment tract

My Favorite on-the-go tract combo: Usually hand these two out together when I meet someone in passing (such as a cashier, fast food worker, waitress, and other interactions where the other person will not be able to have a longer conversation about the Gospel. Nearly always received well. I offer the bill first, explaining, “Here’s a fake million dollar bill (turning it over) with a real million dollar question on the back.” Then I hand them the questions tract, explaining, “Here, this explains the question.”



Million Dollar tract





Do You Know tract



There is always time and opportunity to hand someone a tract.

Parking Lots and Shoppers

  1. Inserting a tract in the drivers side window or windshield wiper across any parking lot. You can also fit this into your everyday  goings about by parking at the back of the lot when you go shopping, and placing some on cars along the way in.
  2. Hand some out to shoppers and start conversations. In malls, you need to keep a low profile or you will be asked to leave (and if so, politely leave).

High People Walking Events

We walk along in the crowd, offering tracts while asking, “Have you gotten one of these?” Whenever possible, we go on to ask other open ended questions to try engaging people in conversational evangelism. Handing out tracts becomes the vehicle to open the door to sharing the gospel with someone where God is already working.

Everyday Contacts

Hand a tract with a kind word to people at check outs in stores, at restaurants, at the bank, etc.