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Randy and Kent at Oak City Mission

Randy and Kent at Oak City Moore Square

I believe the gospel should be publicly proclaimed. That is, we should be having conversations often with strangers about why our Lord came, what He did for us and them, how they can receive His gift, and so much more. But public conversations about the gospel aren’t as simple nor as difficult as they appear at first thought.

The word “Conversation” is used in scripture to describe our entire manner of living. So, in a real sense, we are living examples of the gospel in action. As we walk in ongoing dependence on the Holy Spirit, the fruits of the Spirit become evident: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, fidelity, meekness, and restraint. -Gal 5:22-23 If you interacted with such a person frequently—at work, school, or in marriage, even through frequent visits at a store—you would take note. You might even ask them to explain how they came to be so delightfully different.

Breakfast with Johnny at Hallelujah Kitchen

Breakfast with Johnny at Hallelujah Kitchen

How can we, within our cultural norms, begin conversations that afford us the opportunity to share the gospel? Our lifestyle should present us with frequent opportunities to answer questions about our evident faith. Inviting others to know our Jesus flows this way in any culture.

But also in the NT era, someone going to the public square and presenting news was perfectly normal, and people were eager to hear what they had to say. It was how news and ideas traveled. It was their version of the weekly news channel. The same methods in our day are odd at best, and usually have a stigma of kookiness that doesn’t help our message be heard.

fb imageRegardless, driven by the urge to share the good news, some take the bold step of “street preaching.” It is better than doing nothing. And sometimes, it is necessary. But I’ve been thinking about “going public” in more culturally relevant ways. I don’t mean diminishing the message; I mean in ways that foster a fair hearing for what we have to say without a ton of negative baggage, “Oh look, a kook. Whatever she is saying is worthless.”

Performance art. That could mean carrying a large cross, singing a few songs with a guitar, a puppet show, a mime skit, a story telling, or any number of things that are acceptable ways of drawing a small crowd by doing something interesting. Yeah. That. Conversations with the crowd, or a couple who stay to talk.
Art on July 18There are the Open Air Campaigner style gospel presentations on the streets.

When you have to do something, you find something to do. Lately, that leans to standing on the side of the road with an 8 foot cross. Soon for me that will mean straight up street preaching along the sidewalks of Raleigh.

See you in the public square.


Free breakfast at Hallelujah Kitchen Wed, Thurs, Fri 7:30 AM Free breakfast at Hallelujah Kitchen Wed, Thurs, Fri 7:30 AM[/caption]

Hallelujah Kitchen in Raleigh, NC

Hallelujah Kitchen in Raleigh, NC

iPhonePics7-2015 577 Ronald hamming it up at Oak City Mission

Ronald hamming it up at Oak City Mission

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