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​From J*, a neighbor to Deb and me on Nextdoor

​”Thank you for answering my ad concerning Church Services, home-based. Could you tell me more about Worship? Denomination, where is worship and time? Thank you both. GOD Bless.”

Hi J*,

(Note – I cleaned this up a bit and added some content. I was awkward using the Messages function on nextdoor. I thought it was a good start for anyone wanting to know more about what happens in the living rooms of house churches.) Here goes…

Denominations. We have Plymouth Brethren, Charismatic, Church of Christ, Catholicism, and Baptist backgrounds (I may be off by a denomination or two)​, but we consider ourselves ​just ​Christians. We all agree on the basics of salvation. We all seek to know and follow Jesus better, and we help each other in growing. We just don’t have doctrinal issues that turn into contentions.  I think that is because we love and respect each other.

Worship. At Randys HouseHow about I describe this past Sunday? There were ten adults ranging from 20’s to seventies and 4 children from one to ten years old. The children play, or participate as their parents choose. They do learn a lot while playing by just watching us together here and there. We meet in a home and that helps foster a familial and casual environment. The last Sunday of the month we meet in Garner (40-42 area), our home. The rest of the Sundays we meet at Randy’s house in Fuquay Varina.

We meet at 10:30 on Sunday​ morning until 1 or 2 ​i​n the afternoon​. As people arrived, a nice hum of commotion and conversations start to fill the room, along ​with ​​the fragrances of​ food​ items–sausages, quiche, crescent roll sandwiches, ​fruits, sweet rolls, ​an egg cheese frittata bake thing (so good!). Coffee, tea (hot and cold), and water. We filled our plates and sat together around the table. We broke bread to start the meal and prayed. For the next hour and fifteen minutes or so we ate, laughed, talked. Mostly updates and plenty of conversations going at the same time. As the meal finished, we moved into the living room.

We have no formal leadership apart from our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Everyone shares, asks questions about something they read or heard​, or shares insights or experiences​. The conversation goes along its way with many contributing to the content,​ including a natural mix of​ men, women, and children. There will be several topics explored in a  communal dialogue as things come up and we see new insights, clarify perspectives, and often as not the conversation remains to be taken up at another get together. God is complicated in plenty of ways, but we keep trying to better know Him. We sing (we have two wonderful musicians who can carry a tune and play guitar). We pray for each other as needs are shared. ​

This week w​e spoke together on the topic of cross cultural concepts. Several of us have spent time in other cultures here in the US and internationally. I imagine that important conversation will continue to be explored to some degree. It definitely impacts changes in the church such as the growing house church movement of the last 50 years (also called organic church, simple church, micro church, etc.).We also ​spoke about the early church, their failures and their successes. We admitted that both Israel and the church were disappointments to God, but that He continued​/continues​ to use them–and us–in spite of our weaknesses and confusions. Jessica noted that we can’t even pretend with children–they can tell when we aren’t being true and honest. She mentioned that she sees her one year old discerning whether she means something or not. ​There were more topics; there always are. ​We closed by sharing cups of wine, remembering our Lord gave all for us and held nothing back.

Whatever way you would like to continue exploring house church together, we’d be glad to do so. Would you like the address for Randy’s house so you can stop by one of these Sundays?

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