What’s for Potluck?

Deb is making cold cut sandwiches this week.
You know, the point of sending out info for potlucks is so folks can coordinate their efforts and round out or enhance the meal for everyone. It’s interesting how God weaves together various elements for our meals. Hey, I care about food!

I wonder if it wouldn’t also make sense to let others know something about the direction of what we are considering bringing to build up our life in Christ together? Hebrews 10:24-25 encourages preparation and forethought, “Consider* one another to provoke unto love and good works…” That can come in the form of a song, a teaching, or any other intelligible communication: “let all things be done for edification.” I Cor 14:26

woman preparing potluck with ladle and bible

For example, Steve shared in a brief email that he has a burden for prayer. Or, maybe his interest to share something with us this week will be from what he is learning as he studies Ephesians? Deb was blown away by an original song that Ed shared a few weeks back. Still talking about it.
I’m finding my heart drawn back again and again to two themes: the one another’s and how they (along with fruits of the Spirit and giftings) provide for mutual shepherding and care; and second, the idea that God is seriously interested in producing both love and good works in/through our lives. I’m probably going to prepare something about good works this week.
What do you think? Of course, plenty of things redirect our time together and spontaneity is just as welcome as considered forethought and preparation. Still, great chili requires time and prep. Every week as I reflect back God’s hand has been clearly directing the flow and content of our time together. I come away each week more encouraged, more comforted, more challenged. Thank you for what you bring.
Just some thoughts. It’s early and I have a new backlit keyboard to break in  😉
How about you? What are you thinking of bringing for our bodies, food; and for our souls, to build us up in Christ? I’m hungry.
*Consider, logizomai – to reckon inward, count up or weigh the reasons, to deliberate; by reckoning up all the reasons, to gather or infer. The most common KJV translations include: think (9x), impute (8x), reckon (6x), count (5x), account (4x)

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