Santa’s Cookie Crumbs

With great care and anticipation, we placed two cookies on a small, flowered plate. We set these alongside a glass of milk on the table near the tree. You know, just in case Santa needed a snack as he worked through the night. Sure enough, in the morning, Renee’s eyes were wide as she saw one half cookie left amid crumbs, and the glass of milk half gone. Proof positive! Her face beaming with joy, she pointed and said, “Look, Santa WAS here last night!”

wonderMom and I were, of course, shocked at the evidence and wondered if the reindeer ate one. After the excitement of opening presents, Renee went back to the table and stood there staring. A knowing smile spread across her face.

Do go back and look at God’s fingerprints in your days. He left them there just for you, a special wink so you would know.



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