Vessels for the Master’s Use

In regards to our walk and the work, we can properly imagine ourselves as vessels, like a pan or a plate. We need ingredients; without something placed in us, we have nothing to offer. He provides “ingredients” in our daily experiences, through others, through his word, through his leadings, promptings, whispers, and illuminations.

As vessels, we entrust the process to the chef. No fussing. No adding more pepper or worrying something is left out. No choosing, only receiving, what is to be made in us today.

We are filled with expectation rather than fear as God adds new ingredients or changes the temperature or flips, chops, or mashes the ingredients. We do not need to be clutching for control; we can be restfully yielded in his hand.

We safely entrust the outcome to the chef. It’s true we are vainly tempted to think of ourselves as the chef and master. God resists the proud, and there is nothing we can do on our own, and God is not our servant, but our Master. Relax in His hand as He prepares in us nourishment for others. We do have the joy of simply offering to others whatever  is within.  We are the pan in which he prepared a meal and the plate on which it is served to others, and this service brings us joy.

Rarely will we have been the vessel for the entire meal. We may have been used to make the salad dressing or the side vegetable or the bread or the soup or the dessert. Others are only well fed when many contributions that He has prepared are offered for all. Not all preparations (in our estimation) “match” like several do for the main course. Instead, it is common that several contrast from the main course, such as salad, soup or dessert.

It is our place to enjoy the menu, not control it.

Our participation in His workings requires listening, attentiveness, receptivity, malleability, and yieldedness to Him, to others, and to circumstances. When we are simple and glad vessels in His hand we can be thankful in everything.

Sometimes His whispers are almost audible; His presence palpable. Sometimes His reminder to stay in His reins comes from a bad driver in front of us or a difficult/unexpected  circumstance. Are we perplexed or at rest? Joyful or angry? Thankful or bitter? There is your necessary feedback to keep His yoke in place.

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