Fear Not

With my ear pressed to the door, I hear Him saying. “Fear not.” Fear not? Oh, my Lord! With tears falling I prayed, “say that again for me?” And He does, slowly, over and over, adding finally, “Be strong and of good courage.” Do I love Him? I only can say I am desperate for Him. He satiates my soul with His love. Embarrassingly, the mountains of fears that surrounded me in the dark have become mere pebbles in the Light. From within, love, joy, and peace flood my soul, together with patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, a river filling me and washing away the muck of lusts and pride that once shamed and terrorized my heart. I stand like a curious child, squinting into the light of my Creator, my Savior, My Father.

He watched as I crept to the door. It was unlocked, but I didn’t know and I didn’t think to knock. To me, doors are just walls. He smiled as I crouched close and pressed my ear against the wood. He let minutes pass until I adjusted to the silence, knowing I was safe and that I thought I was not. He said simply, “Fear not my child,” hoping this time I would hear Him. He was glad when I asked Him to say it again. In earnest, He began reassuring me, “Fear not.” He opened the door, slowly so as not to startle me, then my cell flooded with His presence. He smiled, looking at His creature, His child, His love.

Oh how my heart aches for Him who loves me and comforts me so perfectly!


From under the feathers of His wing, some encouragements:



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